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The leading provider of specialized revenue cycle management (SRCM) and healthcare revenue recovery services.  We provide technology-enabled solutions for complex claims and turn client’s uncollectible revenue into cash.  

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Kemberton and APA Join Forces to Advocate for Patients and Providers

Maximizing revenue and minimizing out of pocket costs for providers and their patients.

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Get every dollar you deserve… You earned it.

We work with healthcare provider organizations across the country to help them process workers’ compensation, motor vehicle and other complex claims to ensure they are properly reimbursed via a proven healthcare revenue recovery process. These complex claims, which oftentimes go uncollected, represent as much as 5% of a provider organizations’ revenue.

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A Unique Approach To Specialized Revenue Cycle Management

Building on years of complex claim and legal experience, we have developed a unique approach to healthcare revenue recovery via specialized revenue cycle management. We have the proprietary rules-engine and knowledge-based technology, workflow automation, payer-specific reimbursement processes and the unmatched expertise to maximize reimbursements.

How It Works

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Transparent & Trackable Results

We have identified healthcare revenue recovery processes to improve reimbursement rates on complex claims well beyond industry standards so consistently and efficiently that we can now offer our clients completely predictable, transparent and dashboard-trackable results, and do it all while delivering better value than any of our competitors.

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To date, we have helped our clients secure over  $1.5 billion dollars in healthcare revenue recovery and that number is increasing every day. Learn more about the Kemberton healthcare revenue recovery advantage and find out how we can help you collect your uncollected dollars.

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