Company Overview

Uncovering Lost Revenue

Kemberton is a proven leader in tackling motor vehicle, workers’ compensation and other complex claims challenges. As a byproduct of our service, we have been advocating for hospitals and their patients for almost a decade to improve claims reimbursement.

The Kemberton Difference

After processing more than a quarter of a million claims, we saw an opportunity to apply the latest in claims workflow automation, process optimization, rules-engine technology and team training to the challenge of resolving complex claims. By expanding our leadership team with business innovators and healthcare IT experts, we have been able to further evolve our vision and accelerate our progress.

The Results Have Been Pretty Amazing

We improve complex claims reimbursement rates so efficiently that we now offer our clients completely predictable, transparent and dashboard-trackable results—while delivering better value than any of our competitors.

Now, we see a larger opportunity for our clients: a specialized revenue cycle that includes all of the revenue that has historically been too complicated, expensive or time-consuming to pursue.

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