Veteran Administration Claims

Stop your VA Claims from falling through the cracks...

The biggest challenge hospitals experience when processing VA claims is the amount of time they take. Long wait times spent on hold to follow up on these low dollar claims paired with not having the dedicated staff trained to track down these dollars, results in these claims falling through the cracks and getting written off.

While VA claims are a small percentage of complex claims, they require outsized effort to properly bill and collect. Why spend your time and resources processing and collecting on these time-consuming claims? Our team of trained specialists is one click away.

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Our Veteran Administration Collections Process

    1. Identify the appropriate party to bill, based on the coverage presented and the episode of care 
    2. Coordinate timely pre- and post-authorization and claim submission
    3. Follow up diligently on denials and requests for documentation
    4. Integrate our processes with admissions and billing workflows to alleviate staff burdens and provide transparency
    5. Track performance through comprehensive reporting

Don’t let the tedious task of processing VA claims affect your team’s productivity.