Kemberton's experienced team of attorneys, paralegals, and denial analysts specialize in complex denials and claims denials management, turning our clients' non-collectible dollars into revenue. Once all provider efforts are exhausted, we are a revenue cycle outsourcing resource and a partner on insurance claims denials management, lowering A/R days and maximizing reimbursement. As an advocate for both patients and providers, our years of experience and network of payer contacts bring hospitals across the country significant cash increases on a regular basis.



Our Complex Claims Denials Management Process

  • Appeal through both traditional channels and our network of payer contacts
  • Follow-up with the payer on a regular basis to expedite payment
  • Recover lost revenue by overturning denials and pended/unresolved insurance claims
  • Identify and report on trends, systemic issues, and erroneous denials on an ongoing basis


Our Claims Denials Management Results  

Here are typical results realized by clients who have chosen to outsource revenue cycle management and denied claims processing or have moved from a generic business process outsourcing partner to Kemberton for denials management: 


of appealed and written off claims received payments


average collections of gross charges


of payment success includes overturning previously unsurmountable timely filing and prior authorization denial


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The Kemberton difference

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