Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

With multiple payers, attorneys, timely filing deadlines, and CMS guidelines, we specialize in lowering A/R days on these complex and time consuming claims. Our contingency-based motor vehicle claims collections model has allowed our clients to achieve significant revenue increases and increased flexibility of internal resources. As an advocate for both the patient and the hospital, we have an experienced team of lawyers, paralegals and associates dedicated to every step of our proven method.

Our Motor Vehicle Claims Collections Process

  1. Capture available first-party benefits before they are exhausted to other providers by quickly identifying and billing the carrier, with regular follow-up. Taking direct feeds of 837 files from providers and clearinghouse partners accelerates our ability to submit claims and turnaround cash
  2. Coordinate health insurance benefits within timely filing and in compliance with CMS guidelines
  3. Follow-up with third party insurance carriers and attorneys, filing liens where appropriate to ensure the provider's bill is included in settlement, and expedite resolution
  4. Report to your specifications and notes scripting/access to Kemberton's system

Our Results

Here are typical results realized by clients who have chosen to outsource revenue cycle management and MVA collections or have moved from a generic business process outsourcing partner to Kemberton


increase in number of claims identified


increase in claims paid by non-health payers


increase in % of gross charges paid

Discover how Northern Arizona Healthcare utilized Kemberton to:

    • Identify an additional 4,179 claims to pursue for reimbursement
    • Convert a full 35% into paid claims, up from just 9%
    • Receive an additional $5.26M in payments, a 660% improvement


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What really kept me up at night early in my tenure at Northern Arizona Healthcare was knowing that even though we were doing everything we could to get our revenue integrity numbers up, there was still a ton of viable revenue just being abandoned, because it was too difficult or too time consuming or we just didn’t have the specialized staff to collect it. With Kemberton, I know the team will identify every appropriate payer and exhaust every possible avenue, and therefore bring in as much revenue as possible.

Ryan O'Hara, Chief Revenue Officer, Northern Arizona Healthcare