Navigating auto-related medical claims

A common question we hear from patients when processing their auto accident related claims is whether insurance follows the car or the driver. The answer unfortunately is it depends.


Different coverage types, jurisdictions and circumstances can lead to very different answers. In both med-pay and PIP states, bodily injury coverage generally follows the person rather than the car.


    • What happens if a patient doesn’t have coverage of their own, but borrows someone else’s car that is insured?
    • What happens if a patient lives in another state with a different set of rules or is a passenger or a pedestrian?
    • Who is responsible for paying if a patient is driving a work vehicle off hours or is driving a personal vehicle for business?



These questions would stump many hospital revenue cycle and admissions staff, let alone those seeking treatment in the waiting and emergency rooms.

AAA estimates there are over 6 million accidents costing over $160 billion annually while data analytics firm, Verisk, suggests the average auto related medical claim costs over $15,000, clearly indicating providers have much at stake.

Kemberton combines expert staff with powerful technology to help patients navigate the confusion. As a result, providers get a lift in their reimbursement while increasing patient satisfaction resulting in a true win-win.


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