Kemberton Services

Kemberton has figured out how to make all of that “uncollectible” revenue collectible.  Our services ensure that our clients are properly reimbursed via a proven revenue recovery process.

Our Revenue Recovery Services Include:

Specialized Revenue Recovery

Our new outsourced revenue cycle services model combines specially trained reimbursement and legal teams with claims workflow automation technology that gives our clients full transparency into the process, including dashboards for tracking results.

Complex Denials Management

Once all provider efforts are exhausted, we partner on overturning insurance denials, lowering A/R days and maximizing reimbursement. Our experience and network of payer contacts bring hospitals across the country significant cash increases on a regular basis.

Disability Eligibility Services

Kemberton's comprehensive approach provides a streamlined patient experience focused on helping your most vulnerable population receive the benefits they deserve as quickly as possible. Our National Disability (SSI/SSDI) Turnaround Time is just 110 Days.

Enrollment Services

We go above and beyond the simple Medicaid eligibility screening. Kemberton uses our expertise to guide patients through the complex applications of various health insurance programs including, Medicaid, CHIP, FAMIS, and many others.

Motor Vehicle Claims Collections

Our contingency-based motor vehicle claims collections model has allowed our clients to achieve significant revenue increases and increased flexibility of internal resources.

Veterans Administration Claims

The biggest challenge hospitals experience when processing VA claims is the amount of time they take. Long wait times spent on hold to follow up on these low dollar claims paired with not having the dedicated staff trained to track down these dollars, results in these claims falling through the cracks and getting written off.

Workers Compensation Collections

Due to the complexities and time-consuming nature of workers' compensation claims collections, our contingency-based resolution model is an asset to our clients' revenue cycle.

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