What are 3rd Party Liability Claims?

Third Party Liability (TPL)-related medical claims are those that are filed as the result of motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation cases and medical negligence. 3rd Party Liability claims are notoriously hard to collect because there are many nuances that require deep TPL knowledge and coordination.

Why is Third Party Liability Collection Difficult to Manage?

Third party liability is a small portion of hospital’s billing which is often not pursued to its fullest reimbursement because it’s difficult to manage – involving health insurance coordination. Kemberton has dedicated staff, systems and technology and understands each state’s automobile insurance, workers compensation, lien law statutes and health insurance coordination laws to make 3rd party liability claims colection efficient and, most importantly, effective.

How Does Kemberton Collect on TPL Claims?

In addition to collecting from standard avenues, we also investigate any available 3rd party liability recovery from the third-party injury insurance (the other driver’s insurance). Again, each state has their own nuances when it comes to 3rd party liability including who to pursue for reimbursement and in which sequence they can be pursued, so it’s best to work with an expert in the field of specialized revenue recovery, like Kemberton. Learn more about our 3rd party liability Services today.